Raf Vantongerloo

Android Developer | Entrepreneur | Blockchain Enthusiast

About Me

Starting Java / Android Developer

Actively looking for a full or part time position as a developer in which I can expand my current skillset. Note: I love Android, and I'm interested in IoT, blockchain, crypto, decentralization, AI, machine learning, ...

10 years of experience in engineering, construction and inspection of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, reactors, piping and supports according to TEMA, ASME, RToD, ATEX, PED, NACE, ESPN and RCC-MR in oil and gas, petrochemical and nuclear industries.

5 years of experience in digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, geo-targeting, content marketing, strategy and implementation, outsourcing, commissioning merchandise, planning, project management, procurement of services, branding, Excel, Adwords, Analytics, Bing).

Bonus: commercial drive and experience, common sense and a pragmatic mindset.

I'm available for freelance/remote work, feel free to contact me!



"Oep de Haa" App

The "Oep de Haa" App is a simple app that aims to preserve the local dialect of a small rural community in the Flemish part of Belgium, called "Veerle-Heide" (pronounced Veijel-Haa).

My Portfolio Website

Implemented as a GitHub Page, you're looking at it!

Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Terrarium is a variation on Conway's Game Of Life, implemented as a Java console application.