Raf Vantongerloo

Junior Front-end Developer

About Me



"Oep de Haa" App

The "Oep de Haa" App is a simple app that aims to preserve the local dialect of a small rural community in the Flemish part of Belgium, called "Veerle-Heide" (pronounced Veijel-Haa).

My Portfolio Website

Implemented as a GitHub Page, you're looking at it!

Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Terrarium is a variation on Conway's Game Of Life, implemented as a Java console application.

Bitcoin & Lightning Network full node

I'm running a dedicated Xeon server from a spare room in my home as a full node supporting the Bitcoin network, and have recently added the Eclair implementation of the Lightning Network to it.
My Lightning Node can be visited here.


With its base template looking suspiciously like the one I used for this Portfolio page (never fix what is not broken ;) ), I created the website for Bake-and-Shake, which is a project by a nephew of mine.

Basic HTML, CSS and some copy-paste.


A fun exercise in "building your own blockchain" in JavaScript, thanks to Udemy.